Can i put a note or a comment in a item?

I want to put a note in a item, for exemple:
I have a customer and i have a number collumn, a date collumn and a status collum. I wanna write that this date is a sunday or is a birthday of someone by a note only in the date not in the whole element. Can i do it?

Hey @IvanGentil!

It is possible to add a little note to a specific status label (via the little + symbol when hovering over the status label in top right hand corner), if this interests you? However this is not possible via the date column I am afraid.

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 9.22.25 am

Alternatively, you can use a text column or the updates section - however I do understand you want the note specific to the date and not the entire item :pray:

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This alread helps a lot, thanks

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