Cannot update Base URL on Monday Apps Feature Page

Hello awesome Monday Community + Team,

Currently facing an issue where I cannot update my Base URL, Authorization URL, or Redirect URLs. I get an infinite loading when trying to save the feature after a change, and, if it stops the infinite loading, it just makes the URL the original URL before I saved it.

Is anyone else seeing issues with this?

You’ll see above that I changed the Base URL to a different ngrok URL and it’s currently infinite loading on save.

Here is an image of console in devtools showing an error for “saveAppFeature”:

Chris | Mr. Automation

Hi @mrautomation,

Ahh sorry to see that you’re dealing with this odd issue.

I think we did have a little bit of an outage today but that seems to be fixed now. Are you still running into any trouble?


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Hi @Helen! Thank you for the response.

I did get passed that issue, but now I am running into a new issue where I can’t save an updated Recipe.

See the below screenshot.

Let me know if you see anything that stands out!

Chris | Mr. Automation

Getting a 500 (message: “error”) response on POST @amir

Just wanted to follow up on this @Helen @amir Here is a video to help see the bug: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

@basdebruin you seeing this issue, too?

@mrautomation looks to me you are exceeding the max amount of characters in the action part of the sentence. I believe it is 250 max. Your variable names do also count to this number, so maybe shortening these name could help you a bit.

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@basdebruin Makes a ton more sense. How did you figure that out? Trial and Error or do you have access to other documentation?

Also, what’s the workaround here given that I have so many mapping fields? Is there a way to combine all variables into a single object that the user can map into (in other words 1 input field for all variables as opposed to 1 input field per variable?)


I hit that limit myself and after contacting support I was told of this max number of characters. I can’t recall it is documented :frowning: . I double check my email conversation and the limit is actual 255 characters. The same limit applies for the trigger and the action part. I don’t think you can “combine” your variable. I think you should rephrase and shorten your variable names.

What I sometimes do is to use the trigger part sentence so I have the full 255 + 255 character space. However you need to store the variable from the trigger part somewhere as the action endpoint does not have access to the variables in the trigger part.


@basdebruin @mrautomation

Precisely! Great catch.

It’s a bit hard to find, but it is stated in our documentation here: Build custom integrations |

Glad you were able to figure it out!


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