Cards View - Breadcrumbs back from connected boards


We connect a lot of boards to each other throughout our instance. We also have users who would prefer the Cards widget view from the top tabs (table row view can be overwhelming and the wrong row is easily selected).

When you are using a Card view to update/look at an item and accidentally (or intentionally) click on a connected item then you get taken to that item in the card view. However, there is no way to get back to the original card you were working on. You have to close down the card and go back into the card to continue your progress.

This is particularly painful when you have clicked on it by mistake.

I would like to suggest two things.

  1. Please provide either:

    • a breadcrumb trail at the top of the card,
    • a back button on the card or
    • something else better than those options
  2. Please consider the difficult nature of interacting with the connected board items (i.e. when someone wants to add an existing item, more often than not they are clicking the actual item, not the check box to the left of the item, then hitting problem 1 above):

    • Could it be changed so that clicking on the item adds a check to the box? Then to still provide the great feature of drilling down, an additional ‘go to item’ type option be added on the far right of the item column?