Change button text through API

Is there a way to change the button text through the API (“Click me!”).

I can query it by boards{items{column_values{text}}} but the “Click me!” text is not in the JSON returned by the value and therefore can’t be changed with change_column_value.

I expected to live in the settings_str or assitional_info of the column as the text is column wide.

If I have multiple button columns created by the API they are all named “Click me!” and the user doesn’t understand what the function of the button is.

Any thoughts?

Hi @basdebruin!

I’m afraid at this time there’s no way to customize the button text. However, you can change the column title to be more specific if you’d like. Maybe this is a viable workaround?

That is not a real workaround, it is something completely different :slight_smile:

Can you add the request to change the button text through the API to the long list of request?

Haha! Well it’s something you can try.

And yes, I always submit feedback.

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