Collapse all groups - missing?

I saw the change on the top of the board, being the filter switch is placed to the left now.

But now I am missing my functionality to open and close all groups at the same time. Will that come back? I used it quite often. Thanks!


I agree! I used that all the time and all the things they’ve moved to the right I use daily. What’s on the left now I rarely use.

Agreed Krishele.

I wonder why they’ve swapped it that way? Seems like an odd design decision. Now there’s a lot more mouse movement required to access features we need daily.

Can we have the old UI back? PLEASE.

I Agree … +1 on this.
not having this its inefficient.

I agree with this as well and contacted them directly as soon as I saw it MIA. Although I’m not thrilled with the decision to tuck this commonly used functionality into the more actions dropdown. The Monday team had informed me that you can now easily collapse/expand groups using the keyboard shorcut (Ctrl + G) on Mac. Not sure what the Windows equivalent is.


Not sure what the Windows equivalent is.

Exactly the same: Ctrl + G.