Complexity Budget with custom MyApp and without custom MyApp application? Is without custom MyApp application Budget get increase or rest API import add item get increase?

I would like to know below information about difference between custom integration with custom MyApp application and without Custom MyApp application :slight_smile:

1] What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Custom “MyApp” in application?
- For avoiding “complexity budget error” we are using MyApp which are generating new randomly jwt access token in every 1 min.
- Using MyApp we need 3 basic details from custom application client_Id, Client_secret, Signing_secret keys and webhook url generated this responsible to hit endpoint URL.
- Using MyApp we are able to call multiple GraphQL api at same time for ADD, UPDATE, DELETE item through importing csv file in customization.

2] What is the advantages and disadvantages of without using “MyApp” ?

  • Can we call multiple API at same time without using MyApp and using one My Access token
  • what are the advanatge is we using without MyApp customization Application any issue in performance?

3] If we used MyApp customization Application what is budget of application of API calling
4] If we don’t used MyApp customization Application there is any issue with budget or increase the budget with 50% ?
5] if we used MyApp customization application budget get loss by 50% or import or export process by calling API speed get decrease as compare to without using MyApp ???

Appreciate your response :slight_smile:

NOTE: In application with custom MyApp and without Custom MyApp application what is the difference? and To increase performance add item API response process get increase if we don’t use custom MyApp application?

It seems like your question is a bit unclear, but I’ll do my best to provide some guidance based on my understanding.

It sounds like you’re asking about the complexity budget associated with developing a custom application (“MyApp”) compared to not having a custom application. Additionally, you mentioned REST API import and adding items, but it’s not entirely clear how these elements relate to the complexity budget.

A complexity budget typically refers to the allocation of resources, time, and effort that can be invested in the development of a particular project. The complexity of a project can be influenced by various factors, including the features and functionality it needs to support.

If you’re comparing the development of a custom application (MyApp) to not having a custom application, several considerations come into play:

  1. Custom Application (MyApp):
  • Pros: Tailored features, specific functionality, and a more personalized user experience can be implemented.
  • Cons: Development time and costs may be higher, especially if you need to build features from scratch. Maintenance and updates might also require more resources.
  1. Without Custom Application:
  • Pros: Potentially lower upfront development costs if you rely on existing solutions or platforms.
  • Cons: Limited customization, potential constraints on features, and a less tailored user experience.

Regarding the mention of REST API import and adding items, these elements are common in software development but don’t explicitly define the complexity budget. Importing data via REST API and adding items are standard tasks in many applications, and the complexity depends on the specific requirements and the existing infrastructure.

If you’re considering REST API integration or adding items to a system, you should evaluate factors such as:

  • Data Structure: The complexity of importing data depends on the structure of the data and how well it aligns with your application’s requirements.
  • API Complexity: The complexity of working with a REST API depends on the API’s design, documentation, and any potential authentication/authorization requirements.
  • Integration Points: Adding items could involve integrating with databases, external services, or other components. The complexity depends on the existing architecture.

In summary, the impact on the complexity budget depends on the specific requirements of your project, whether you choose to build a custom application (MyApp), and the nature of the tasks such as REST API integration and adding items. Each project is unique, and careful consideration of your goals and constraints will help you make informed decisions about resource allocation. If you want to get the service provider that provide you the application services then visit here.