Count Items in a board to send notifications based on repetitiveness

Hello. I have a board that new items are added daily by different people via a form. I need a method to tally (or count) the items (the left most column) from all the groups (only 3 groups) within the same board with the same name in order to then send out a notification when the item is repeated. If 2 items ever have the same name notify “abc”, if later-on a third arrives then now, notify “def”, and if a fourth eventually appears, notify “xyz”.

I have created a dashboard that counts exactly what I need and creates the ideal thresholds, but has no means of sending out automated notifications once those thresholds are met.

Any ideas or suggestions from the gurus?

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Hi @Booster :raised_hand:

How are you totalling the items? If you’re using a numbers column, we’ve done similar things in the past using an automation like this: “when number is greater than x, change status to y”. You can then use an automation to say “when status changes to y, notify [someone]”.

I’d be happy to jump on a quick call too if that would be easier. Let me know.

Tanner Consultant


Hello, Thanx for your expeditious reply.
Currently totalling the items (name) column

using the pivot table and a chart in a dashboard.
A numbers methodology will not differentiate items with the same name in the left most column.
The ideal would be for the dashboard to include in “Benchmark Lines” a notification option once the threshold is reached. Another option would be some kind of Formula that counts duplicates in the item column or in any column for that matter.