Count of days between 2 dates

Hello all! I am looking for a formula that will count the number of days between 2 days excluding weekends, but the if dates columns are blank return a “-”. This is what I have so far: DAYS({Actual End Date},{Actual Start Date})-(2*(WEEKNUM({Actual End Date})-WEEKNUM({Actual Start Date})))
Right now I am getting a ! when the columns are blank.
Thank you for your help.

Hey Norma! It looks like the missing piece here is an “IF” function at the beginning. The IF formula function will allow you to create a condition like “if there is no date, return a -”.

In your IF formula, write out the same formula for what you want the formula column to show if the dates are there, and then add the following to the end of the formula before the final paranthesis:

, “-”

The quotation marks will tell the formula that the dash is text and not a subtraction symbol, and the comma means “if the previous string of formula doesn’t apply, do this:”

Does this make sense? Take a look at the article linked above for help adjusting the IF function to your needs!