Counting multiple date columns

Hello Monday Community. I need some help with a formula that will allow me to count/sum the number of columns on a board that have a date value entered. Here is what we are building. We are a nonprofit that supports early learning. One of our boards is a master calendar for all of the pre/after school tutors for the semester. Each tutor has multiple sessions per day and per week. I have 5 date columns for the days of the week and would like some help with creating a formula that will count each instance of a date value being displayed in the column. I have tried the AI and the various SUM, COUNTIF combinations and so far nothing is working. Thanking you all in advance for your help.

Hi @christinakelley - the below will count the instances of the five columns having data:

IF(COUNTIF({Date1},"*")>0,1,0) + IF(COUNTIF({Date2},"*")>0,1,0) +
IF(COUNTIF({Date3},"*")>0,1,0) + IF(COUNTIF({Date4},"*")>0,1,0) +

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much! This works perfectly. I was so close, but I did not have the “if” set right. Brilliant.

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Awesome @christinakelley - glad we could be of assistance.