Create "Files" column with Monday API

How to create “Files” type column with the API? The Column Types Reference doesn’t list the “Files” type in it.

While we are able to read and edit into Files (type) column(s), it is still a handicap to not have the ability to create the Column.

I did try with the “column_type: files” and also with “column_type: file” in the create_column mutation. The call failed with 500 Internal Server Error.

If there is a way to do this, kindly update documentation.

The query that I tried with is below:
mutation { create_column (board_id: <some_board_id>, title: “Upload Files”, column_type:file) { id title type } }

@rangamannarv ,

Can you please share the screen shot of where you are actually having this error?

Because we can easily create the column of type file via mutation.

Sharing you the screen shot as well.

Hi @aquibk, thanks for response. I did try the same query and it is working now.

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@rangamannarv ,

You’re welcome.

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