Creating an item when Using the timeline view widget?

Hi, I want to use the timeline view with a minimal team for our daily meeting. Often I want to create new items in the boards connected to the timeline, the fastest way would be to be able to click on a date on the timeline, on a certain board, and insert an item.

It seems like the timeline dashboard view doesn’t allow inserting new items, through the dashboard. I have to manually reach to the relevant board, and manualy insert date,group. am I missing something?

Hey Gal!

You’re correct - this is possible on the Timeline View but not on the Timeline Widget. This is because on a Dashboard, there are multiple boards being pulled in and you can’t determine which board the item now belongs to so the option to add an item directly to the widget is removed.

Sorry for the inconvenience here! :frowning_face:

Hi charlotte. I can determine which board the item belongs to. any how, by clicking on the timeline I can simply have a dropdown menu to choose which board, group, and insert an item.