Creating long text column by API

I would like to create a long text column

mutation {create_column (board_id: 69998***, title: "first_name", column_type: "long-text") {id}}

Getting error

{"errors":[{"message":"Argument 'column_type' on Field 'create_column' has an invalid value. Expected type 'ColumnType'.","locations":[{"line":1,"column":11}],"fields":["mutation","create_column","column_type"]}],"account_id":5978875}

Would you please tell me what is the correct query to do this?

Hi, Shanin,

I see two things in your mutation:

  • double quotes around column type should not be there
  • the column type for long test is long_text (underscore) and not long-text

Please try this on on the API playground

mutation {
create_column(board_id: 6446xxxx, title: “first_name”, column_type: long_text) {