Current logged In user

I am developing a board view using react and I have used the quickstart react js code. I am unable to get the current user logged in userId.

With this query : -

query { me { id, name } }

Every time it is giving me the same result (User who has generated the authentication token and configured the app)

Note : - The app is yet to published.

@dipro @basdebruin

Please help.

hi @expert.monday

That is expected because the code runs with the token you provided and that token contains the userId. For an integration it is simple as the trigger contains the userId from the user that initiated the action (e.g. status change). I do not have much experience with views, but I am sure there is a likewise solution for that. Is the userId (for the current user) not found in the state?

No, Is it because we are hardcoding the token in env ?

I don’t think it is relevant where you store the token. The token represents a user, and it is that user that is used for the action executed.