Custom Widget/View Boilerplate & React Hooks for Rapid Prototyping

I’m working on a set of React hooks and components for easily prototyping Monday Views/Widgets.

Currently have a monorepo setup for developing several modules and a PulseTable demo.


  • react-monday
  • reacy-monday-ui


The PulseTable queries all items(pulses) from boards. Allowing an administrator to quickly navigate all active items. Would love to hear what features you think should be inluded.


To test the Widget/View without a backend you can copy and the API auth token temporarily into the browser localStorage to avoid connecting to a backend authentication server for testing purposes.

Click Account Settings and copy/paste API token.

This widget is being actively developed. Not ready for production. Open to all feedback.


If you’re using React to build Monday Views/Widgets I would love to hear what features you think would be great to have in a Monday Work OS UI Kit.


@kamescg brother thats great great idea!!!

This is awesome! Looking forward to seeing where this project goes.

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Thanks Ron! I noticed you’re trying to build a map component in another thread.

Maybe it’s something we can rebuild in a React component?

@kamescg dude, this is incredible! Thanks so much for sharing this resource, I’m; sure it will help a lot of builders within the community to save some time :slight_smile:

I appreciate your contribution!


Thanks Alex - it’s making it a lot easier to prototype widgets/views for the hackathon so I figured it might be useful for others… even if it’s not production ready yet.

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