Custom workspace covers

Hi folks , I would like to personalize a workspace cover image for my client . What dimensions would fit that header best ?


Hey @tomGoral! I’ve spoken to my team who have confirmed that there is no “correct size” to the cover. The cover proportions and size can change due to your screen or browser size. Hope this helps :pray:

Hi Bianca! I understand there is no “correct size,” but is there a suggested ratio (e.g. 16:9)? I’m trying to do the same thing as @tomGoral.

Thanks for your help!


I am struggling with this too. No matter the image size I upload, it displays larger than the allotted space and is therefore somewhat cropped. Any guidance appreciated, thanks…

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@NikkiClaverie and @GenMed articulated the need better than me. I am adept at resizing with GIMP or Illustrator, but despite my best efforts the image gets cropped in Monday . Maybe you could provide a template we can use as a layer or guide to resize and fit our corporate identity?


The size you can put on the cover is 580x80 px. Try to make sure the crop is in the middle.

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This is an incredibly frustrating issue. As others have pointed out, the cropping tool for custom workspace covers simply doesn’t work as intended. As @GenMed mentioned, the image size doesn’t fit the allotted space and the image is heavily cropped no matter how you resize the image.

We have teams who have just started using and we would like to present a unique, branded corporate identity on each workspace. The suggested dimension of 580x80px does not work. This shouldn’t require intermediate skills in photo editing software to achieve the desired result, it should be intuitive.

Hopefully @tomGoral and @NikkiClaverie have had better luck with this, and a big thank you to @BiancaT for responding to the issue but can we get some clarity on what we’re doing wrong. The issue has been brought up on Reddit too. Plenty of other people seem to be having the same problem.


Did anyone manage to resolve this?

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Maybe this thing seems a small and non important thing…BUT actually is a CUTOFF DEAL with some of my clients, because they want 100% customized workspaces and branded workspaces with color matching their brandbook… and I cant give them a simpe and intuitive header :frowning:
I suggest to take the LINKEDIN example and give us the right sizez. On linkedin you can add a specific size header and it will look great on a 17 inch screen and also on a 60 inch TV.
Doesnty matter if its a square, a wide, or an ultrawide monitor. it still looks great.
So #monday please fix this if you want more Whale clients! :chart: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :coin:

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Hey everyone,

I appreciate your feedback and apologies for the lack of clarity regarding dimensions.

The team has confirmed if your image is within the dimensions of 300*200 nothing should be cut out. Does this help? :pray:

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Sorry, but this does not help me. It does not seem to matter what size my images are, they all get cropped beyond what the Monday cropping window shows. I would say that the crop window that’s presented when uploading does not match the actual image size.


Hey Cody, sorry to hear this.

We’ve had further clarity regarding the cover photo sizing - max 2MB size and 6000px width max. If you’re experiencing issues, please send me a private message so I can investigate this!

i agree - this is a ridiculous limitation and beyond frustrating. is there a more standard answer than “dm me” for the rest of us?

also on the off chance that you are able to resize uploaded images to a workable proportion is there a way to have the cover photo print with when the document is exported via .pdf?

Hey Sarah - I’ve spoken to our team internally as mentioned, and the cover photo sizing is max 2MB size and 6000px width max.

My request to DM is so that I can to investigate this on case-by-case level and gather some screenshots (in a secure, confidential manner) to to take to the team. Let me know what information you require and I’ll be happy to share it publicly :+1:

As for exporting / printing with the cover photo, please let me check with our product team and get back to you :pray:

This issue still has not been resolved on the cover photo for a doc. I resized to 80x40 and still have the same issues. the image is too large. monday needs a resize option in the program not just reposition. This is a pretty serious limitation

After much fuss with this same issue, I have found a solution that worked for me! I’m sharing it here to hopefully help others who had the same issue!
I use Canva to edit my document sizes and from there, I was able to create a custom size that worked well! The dimensions are 1920px x 275px. I don’t know if the file format is important but I used png without issue. Hope this helps!