Customise time scale label to match fiscal year

Is it possible to edit the timescale label on the Gannt Chart to match with fiscal year? that is calendar Q1 is fiscal year Q4 and should display Q4 on the timescale like the picture below


or is there any Apps can help?

Hey Alvin,

At this time, customising the scale isn’t supported - sorry for the setback :pray:
That being said, a way around this would be to add a status column to identify the fiscal quarters. From there you can label by the status column in the gantt settings - whilst I understand it isn’t the most ideal solution, it will allow you to see fiscal quarter labels somewhere in the view…

Let me know!

Hi Bianca,

Thank you for your suggestion. However I am afraid it is not the presentation we expected.

Another question, can we have the flexibility of hiding the quarter label when the year view is selected from the gantt chart?

Best regard,


I understand Alvin - sorry about this… Will ensure I share this internally.

As for hiding the quarter label, I am afraid this level of customisation isn’t yet supported either. Would you be happy to add your vote to the existing feature request here if you haven’t already? You’re also welcome to submit a feature request for better customisation of the gantt labels in general :pray: