Date column automation to accommodate local timezone

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I have a date column with an automation set to 'When status changes, set date column to current date.
This is working fine, except the date that appears in the date column is not the current date according my timezone. I think it retrieves the current date from UTC or another timezone.
I have checked my timezone settings in my profile and they are correct. Do i need to specify a default timezone for our company account or is there a way i can set a specific timezone for that particular column?

Thanks for your help

Hi @chrisflavours - the timezone bug is a known issue that should be resolved soon in an update. We have a client that is using several date-timed automations based on 1 and 2 days after a date was being automatically set. As you can imagine, this was causing some odd results. Our team uncovered the issue, reported it to monday support and the development team is addressing it. I’ll check on where that stands and see if I can get any ETA to share here.

To answer your two questions, timezone settings are only set per user and there is no way to set a timezone for the column display (but I like that idea a lot).

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Thanks for letting me know @PolishedGeek
WOuld be great to get an ETA if there is one.