Deleting multiple boards & columns

Would be especially handy for use cases where developer forgets to reformat / comment out code that runs in infinite loop but realizes too late & his/her mishap creates an insane # of boards / columns. User wishes there was an undo btn or mutation they could call but there isn’t so they have to right click + del far too many times :slightly_frowning_face:

Like so:

(I swear I spent like 10 mins manually deleting every single board :expressionless: )

Hey @supernova,

Consider this one personally voted on by me…that’s never a fun thing to go through. I’ll be sure to pass the feedback along to our dev team and see if it’s something that we can look into implementing in the future.

In the meanwhile, I will share a cute puppy to hopefully brighten your day after all that :slight_smile:



aww cute!! <3
( thanks for understanding the struggle :pray: )

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Here’s a +1 and a :purple_heart: from me!! This got me right in the feels. Testing board automations to improve our process for monthly client invoicing and I think I’ll be right click-deleting in my sleep for months!

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oh noo @MSullivan that sounds like a nightmare… :frowning: hopefully this feature will be implemented sooner rather than later! :crossed_fingers: