Empty column returns invalid parameter in Formula


I’ve got 3 text columns and a formula column.
The formula should just add up the 3 columns and display them as hours and minutes - which it does sucessfully, however if one or the columns are empty then I get the red circle saying “Invalid parameter in Formula”.

I’ve attempted to add code which would set it to 0 rather than empty but thats still not working.

Any ideas?

IF(OR(({Copy Scheduled Hrs}+"0") <> 0,({Design Scheduled Hrs}+"0") <> 0,({Mgnt Scheduled Hrs}+"0") <> 0), TEXT(ROUNDDOWN(({Mgnt Scheduled Hrs}+{Design Scheduled Hrs}+{Copy Scheduled Hrs})/60,0),"#0") & "h " & TEXT(ROUNDDOWN(MOD(({Mgnt Scheduled Hrs}+{Design Scheduled Hrs}+{Copy Scheduled Hrs}),60),0),"00") & "m","00:00")

I have tried:
({Copy Scheduled Hrs} + 0)
({Copy Scheduled Hrs} + "")
and ({Copy Scheduled Hrs} + "0")

but nothing works.


("0" & {Copy Scheduled Hrs} + 0)

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