Exporting Icons in date field


We use icons in our date column to denote the status of this column (whether its been scheduled, started, Finished or Not needed)

I need to export not only dates from the our dates fields but the icons we added to them. Is there way to do this? I don’t need the icons themselves I just need to be able to send the data of what icon we used so I can know what the status of this column is. If theres no native way, can I get this data from the API?

API version 2023-10 (which will be stable in October, it is currently in preview) adds GraphQL fragments to column_value. You can now do "... on DateValue { id, date, time, icon} in the column_value of the item, and it will return the date, time, and icon as discreet fields.

See more details here Column values v2 and Date, as well as API Versioning

2023-10 is in preview and while it will be considered stable in October, it will not be made default because it has breaking changes. On January 15th, version 2024-01 will be made the stable default which will be compatible with 2023-10.

I should add that I do not know of any way to export that data outside of the API

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@codyfrisch This was very helpful, thank you for highlighting this new capability in API Version 2023-10. I don’t mind making the API request with version header for few months.