Feature Request: Keyboard Shortcut for "Expand All Subitems"

Use case:
As a project manager,
I want to expand all subtasks, so that I can…
I want to collapse all subtasks, so that I can…
Quickly clean up/organize the board based on my immediate needs

Sometimes when I have many tasks with subtasks I get information overload and want to get back to only seeing the tasks for the whole board.

Thank you!

Great idea @jonathan92591 - a similar keyboard shortcut (CTRL+G for instance for groups) would be a welcome addition! You have my vote :slight_smile:


Thank you and agreed! A keyboard shortcut would allow us to fly across boards with elegance and grace.


Would love to have a keyboard shortcut to “expand all subitems” for the active board and/or active group. (similar to Ctrl + G for Expand/Collapse “All Groups”)

This is a very important feature for me.
It would be perfect to have the option to expand all subitems in all groups of a given board with one click or a keyboard shortcut.

Currently, I can only expand all subitems within one group (over 3 dots next to the group name and “Expand all subitems”).
But I want to expand subitems for all groups.

Yes!! Keyboard Shortcut to 1) Expand all Items in a Group 2) Expand all Sub-task in a task