Few Queries around Sub Items API


Can you please help us with below details for GraphQL APIs around Sub Items

  1. Is there any API to get list of Sub Items for a given Board ID ?

  2. Is there any API to get Activity log for Sub Items ? for the changes being done to Sub Items (like its title, Status… update) . with current request (Sample shows below with dummy board id 123), we only get the Activity log which is visible on Item not the Sub Items
    query {
    boards (ids: 123) {


  1. Is there any API to get Sub Item Updates ? The below API example, gives updates of only items

query {
updates {


  1. Sub Item retrieval can be done trough Item Query API itself by using Sub Item Id instead of Item Id, Please confirm

  2. Is there any API to know who is parent Item of a given Sub Item ?

  3. The Column list is same for Items and Sub Items for a given Board, please confirm.

  4. Is there any API to update the Sub Item Properties/columns ?

Hi @TechOpsHub,

At this time, the best way to see all of the Subitem data is to first query the subitem Ids using the column_values field for an item.

Using this subitem Id, you can then find the subitem board Id, and then use that board Id to query information and make changes/mutations as you would with any other board.

Check out this thread for more info! Also feel free to dig around our community for other threads relating to subitems. There’s a ton!

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