Following the GitHub Sample Apps Instructions

So I am working through the instructions for the github-node app at GitHub - mondaycom/welcome-apps: A collection of "Hello World" apps and I have it all working or at least I thought I did until I started making changes and nodemon restarted which changes the tunnel URL making the OAuth no longer work. Is that what it was supposed to do?
I was :pinching_hand: so close to making it work at least partially and the tunnel URL changes.

Honestly I am still lost on the Home Page vs Callback URLs in GH’s OAuth vs what I need for monday’s Redirect URLs, OAuth authorization URL and the getting access token URL and where to get each one or where to use it!

If anyone has a very clear, good for a 5 yr old explanation of what each URL is and where to find it I’d be ever so grateful! I’ve been at this for many hours now and am still stuck in the same place, OAuth!
I need something that works so that I can move on to the actual creation of the Workspace App and then on to the additional features that are on my long list.

Curiosity question, can you make a bunch of mini apps say a bunch of different widgets that later need to be added to a larger app… is it possible to “nest” a variety of apps like that or what would you actually need to do?

Hey Sue! Happy to help here.

Workaround for tunnel URL changing

First off, the fact that the tunnel keeps restarting is a known issue and we’re building a solution that has a more intuitive workflow.

In the meantime, there is a workaround you can use with ngrok. I made a quick video explaining it: Using ngrok instead of mtunnel in the github example app - YouTube

OAuth tips

OAuth is probably causing you issues because your URL keeps changing; which means you constantly need to update the config in both monday and Github…

Here are some more resources for setting it up correctly:

  • The src/routes/auth.js file defines all the endpoints used for OAuth. Go back to this file if you forget the exact endpoints you need: Code sample
  • The Github example has a file that shows where you need to configure the app inside Github: Github Setup Docs
  • Our OAuth docs explain the whole OAuth flow from start to finish: OAuth

Let me know if you need further details on this piece; I know I didn’t give you the 5-year old explanation that you wanted.

Nesting apps

Yes, the monday apps framework supports this natively. Each app is a collection of features, so you can package multiple pieces of functionality into one app. For example, you can have an app that has 10 different widgets in it!

Hope this helps!

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