Formula: Planned Hours minus Time Tracking

I want to build a board to plan workload and track the time spent per task.
I have the following columns:
Numbers - representing the Planned hours.
Time tracking -
Formula to subtract the previous and see the excess time.

ROUND(SUM({Kapazität}, -{Time Tracking#Hours}),2)

Whit this formula, I got the answer but not in the right format. (look at the minutes).

IF({Kapazität} >= {Time Tracking#Hours}, TEXT(MULTIPLY(SUM(MULTIPLY({Kapazität},60),-{Time Tracking#Minutes}),60),"h:mm"),"OUT OF TIME")

With this second formula I format the result to display “hh:mm”, the summary of the column treats the results as text and does not give me a sum of all the remaining hours.
Is there a way I can have both? a properly formatted result and a column summary?

Thanks, Have a nice day!