Formula to multiply by a number if dropdown is xx or xx or xx

Hi, I’m setting up a budget board based on the original setup I had in excel. Now I’m stuck on a formula I can’t figure out.

I need help with a formula that can solve this "If dropdown label is xx or xx or xx (i have a lot of this “or” that needs to be in here), then collect the number from anther formula row (in the same line) and multply it with 3%.

Can someone help?

Hi @Maria.Kathinca - you can use the following formula (you will just need to substitute your column names/options). This is saying if the Dropdown Label is A or B then take the Formula column and multiply by 3%, else set the value to 0.

IF(OR({Dropdown#Labels}="A",{Dropdown#Labels}="B"),MULTIPLY({Formula},0.03), 0)

Hope this helps!

Hi Mark,

I think I didn’t explained this well enough, sorry for that! I’ll try again.

The dropdown label is not a number but text. So this is what I need:

  • If “dropdown label” is “A” or “B” then multiply “formula column 1” with 3%.

If it’s relevant the “formula column 1” that I need to multiply with 3% is set up with an easy “colum 2 minus colum 3” formula.

Do you understand what I mean here?


Hi @Maria.Kathinca - I think that’s exactly what I supplied is it not?

You’re right! My bad, it worked now. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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