Formula to return Fiscal Quarter from date?


I’m trying to use a formula column to return the fiscal quarter and year (ours starts in April) , EG: Q1-24, from a date. We will have some blanks in the date column which I’d like to return a blank in the formula column.

For example April 5th 2023 would be Q1-24 and Jan 5th 2024 would be Q4-24.

I’ve found similar answers and tried some of the suggested formulae, but unfortunately run out of intelligence when I try and adapt them to our use case.

I’d be very grateful if someone could help us with this please?


Hey @DrOboogie,

We just to be sure we are understanding your goal correctly, to confirm, you’d like to output a fiscal year (in the format or Q1-24) based upon a specific date set in the date column - correct? Is it possible to send a screenshot of your current set up? Or alternatively, formulae you have tried to use to achieve this, so we can be sure we take the right approach? :pray:

Hi Bianca.

Thanks for replying.

Thats correct Id like to return the fiscal Quarter and Year from our project completion and slippage dates EG: FY23-Q1.

Below is what I have currently and it does do that. It’s just that I’ll have to keep adding to the formula to for each new quarter.

IF({Slip Date}<>“”, IF(AND({Slip Date}>=“2024-01-01”,{Slip Date}<=“2024-03-31”),“FY24-Q4”,IF(AND({Slip Date}>“2023-03-31”,{Slip Date}<=“2023-06-30”),“FY24-Q1”,
IF(AND({Slip Date}>“2023-06-30”,{Slip Date}<=“2023-09-30”),“FY24-Q2”,IF(AND({Slip Date}>“2023-09-30”,{Slip Date}<=“2023-12-31”),“FY24-Q3”)))),“”)

I was hoping there would be a simpler formula to acheive this that I dont have to keep adding to.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:


Try this:


IF({Due Date}, 
  & "-Q" & FORMAT_DATE(EDATE(FORMAT_DATE({Due Date}),9),"Q")

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Hi Jim

Thanks so much for this. Concise and elegant formula. Your a genius. Both options work like a charm but I’ve gone for the 2nd suggestion.

Have a good week both.