Formula to set date as today if blank

Hi Guys,

I am using a Days Late formula column to calculate the different between the Timeline Column end date and the Actual Completion date column and am using this which works perfect: -

DAYS({Completion Date},{Planned Timeline#End})

However, I would like to add in an IF statement so that if the Completion Date column is blank then it calculates from Todays date so that it continues to count the number of days until an actual date in completed in the Completion Date column, does anyone have any idea how to do this?

Many thanks,


IF({Completion Date},DAYS({Completion Date},{Planned Timeline#End}),DAYS(TODAY(),{Planned Timeline#End}))

Fabulous - thank you so much … if I wanted to take this one step further to say: -

If completion date is blank and the planned timeline end date is greater than today then set todays date, otherwise DAYS({Completion Date},{Planned Timeline#End}) would this be possible?

What exactly will be set with today’s date?

Completion date would be set with todays date if it is blank (but only in the formula calculation as I don’t want the actual field to be populated with anything until an actual completion date has been set) therefore the formula would be counting until that date has been sent - does that make sense?

Sorry, no :blush: in my current understanding, the previous suggestion should work as well in this case, too.