Freeze item + subitem header when viewing subitems

When scrolling through a long list of subitems, the name of the parent item is no longer visible. This limits us in seeing essential information. Is there a way to freeze that row when adding new subitems?

Please add this if it’s not a feature that I’m just missing! We work with many subitems and it’s a little ridiculous to have to keep scrolling up and down to see what columns we’re editing. This would be immensely useful and seems like a standard feature that should be implemented. TY!


Agreed. Please add this feature. Using subitems is unwieldy without it.


I’m surprised this still hasn’t been done. It’s even worse now because the subitem column headings aren’t frozen, but the columns of the main item ARE. So when you scroll down, you see the column headings of the main item against the subitems, resulting in the wrong heading names above the subitem columns!

This is indeed confusing. Here are more screenshots to explain the problem:

  1. Screenshot before scrolling where both the table headers and subitem headers are displayed. Note that the table and subitem columns have the same headers but are not aligned.

  2. Screenshot after scrolling. Only the table header is displayed as the subitem header scrolls with the subitems. Hence the header shown does not match the columns displayed. Here the total number of hours appears as if it would be the number of PTO hours.


I think we may be adding comments to a different request than what we are asking for. I have just created a new feature request to freeze the header for the subitems (not the parent item) and hopefully it will be posted soon.

When scrolling through a long list of subitems, the header row for the subitems are no longer visible. It would be very helpful if that header row could be frozen so the user knows what columns they are entering data for. Otherwise, the user needs to scroll up to check the column header and scroll back down. This is particularly frustrating since each new row is added to the bottom.

I would love to see this as well!

It seems kind of easy to implement. Please dev team, help us out.


Please implement this!

Would be nice to freeze both item+sub item header. Make it toggleable. Add it under the pinned columns menu as an additional check box. Pin Item when expanded and Pin subitem header. When you scroll past the last subitem, the pinned item that was expanded scrolls out of view too.

Agreed - this seems like a no brainer. Freeze the main parent item at top when long subitems scroll - who would object? as well as the subitem columns frozen at top as one scrolls down through a ton of subitems. Standard stuff

I just used the mobile app for the first time last night. Guess what, the subitem header row is frozen by default. @Mondaydevs please make this happen in the web version!

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