Full screen Long text box editor

Hi everyone ,
We use a the long text in our boards to put a lot of info on each project
when you put the mouse over the cell it shows all of the info and that really great !
but when you clik on the cell to write someting , it opens a realy small space ( even if i max out the with of the column)
It would be a realy nice feature to have a full screen pop up to edit the text .
even better it could have some basic editing tools ( bold , underline , color …)

Thank you

Yes I agree, this would be very helpful for me! I spoke with an agent, they suggested that we use the comments box, which is beautiful, however if I want to pull all my information from the board over to a spreadsheet the comment info is on a separate sheet. Full-screen or paragraph “wrap text” box would be amazing!!

In my case we use a automation that sends the long text by e-mail , so to use de comment box would not work .
i found some apps that make the it easier to write and edit the text but again , it would not work with the send by mail automation .

It sure would be great to have a WYSIWYG formatter appear when you’re editing a long text column so that you can make the text easier to read and it can be more quickly analyzed by the user.