Google Calendar Automations

I currently have an automation set that transfers an item from a lead board to a project board. Once in the project board there is an automation to create a calendar event based on specific date columns.

However whenever the automation is triggered from the leads board to the project board, it creates 2 calendar invites instead of 1.

Hey @Dende,

Just to clarify, when the item is moved from the leads board to the project board, it’s creating two events in your google calendar or two items in your project boards? Would you be able to send a screenshot of the automations / integrations you have set up in both boards, incase there is a double trigger occurring? :pray:

Hi @BiancaT

The automation creates only 1 item in the board, but 2 events on my google calendar. I just did a test and it seems like its not occurring anymore.

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Glad to hear this seemed to have resolved itself! That said, be sure to reach out to if you run into this issue again so that our technical specialists can investigate :+1:

Maybe it is not related but have you noticed that choosing a time and a date triggers twice?

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