BUG: Selecting Date & Time triggers twice

By default the date column has the date set to the current date and the time set to 9:00.

  • If you choose a date: it closes the pop-up without letting you choose the time and it triggers your workflow once. It sends the current date and the time set to 9:00.
  • If you choose a time first: it does not close the pop-up, but it does trigger your workflow once already, sending the current date and the time set to whatever you chose. If you then choose the right date, it triggers your workflow again, now with the right date and time.

Hi @jparty!

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback - I am able to replicate this on my end too. I will share this with our product team and hope we can make the necessary changes to stop these changes triggering the calendar event :pray: Will keep you in the loop!

Hi @jparty - I just heard back from our product team who have provided some further clarity surrounding this behaviour.

At this time, this is what we expect from the integration and how it is triggered:

  • When the start date and end date columns contain only dates (different days) with no times: an all-day event between the two dates will be created.
  • If start date and end date column contain the same date without the times: an all-day event will be created for the same date.
  • If either start date or end date column contain only date without time: the time of it will be set for the same day at 00:00 for start time and for 23:59 for end time.
  • If the start date column is not set up and the end date column is set up: an event from the nearest 30-min rounded time to the end-date/time will be created.
  • If the start date column is set up and the end date column is not set up: a 30-minutes event will be created starting from the given start time.

In terms of the behaviour you’re experiencing -

When you choose a date, the popup closes and triggers the workflow → this is expected.

Once triggered the calendar event is set to the current date and time set up to 9:00 - this is assuming you have selected the current date, and the time was simply set to 9:00 because your local time was between 8:30-9:00 when it was scheduled - is this correct?

Additionally, regarding what happens when you first select a time and then the date - that it triggers the workflow once and then again after you set the date - this is also expected, however this is feedback that they have noted and will review :pray:

Please let me know your thoughts so I can circle back with the team :+1:

Thanks for the efforts, @BiancaT.

When the date column changes it triggers an event. This event should be triggered only once when I set the date and time for an appointment. And it should send the right date and time. Currently, this is impossible to achieve, because each time you choose the time, it triggers without the right date, and each time you choose the date it triggers and closes, so you cannot choose the time. I think the solution would be to only trigger once the user has chosen both date and time, with an “accept” or “OK” button. If you want to avoid the extra click, you could let the user configure this for the date column.

I am not using the calendar integration. I am sending the triggered event to my own webhook backend and then to the calendar, because the Google Calendar Integration is currently unusable for me, as I explain in this post:


I see where you’re coming from here and I can certainly understand how some changes (i.e. a button) could improve the experience and functionality - thank you for sharing this feedback. I will relay this with our product team and as always, refer back here if I have more information to share :+1:

The issue of multiple triggering seems to still be happening. I have automations set up to notify ppl when a date/time is selected and another notification if that date/time is changed. Despite the date picker staying open, I get notified after selecting a date and then again after selecting the time, regardless of the order chosen - it seems monday coding reads it as the column being changed twice - once after date selection and again after time selection - even though the date picker wasn’t opened a second time.

Yes, it still happens. At the moment, if you choose the date before the time, the date picker closes (and triggers). One workaround would be to always select the time first. For this to work properly, the user should be somehow forced to pick the time before the date, and of course, selecting a time should NOT activate any trigger. This brings the problem of not having any triggering when the user just changes the time of an already set appointment.

The only solution I see for this, which is not free from negative points, but solves the problem and does not bring other problems into play, is the following:

The trigger should only activate when a (not yet existent) OK button is pressed, not when the value of the date or time is changed.

Like if you are for an OK Button. :slight_smile: