Using actual date and time field to trigger automation.

The fact that the automation cannot trigger based on the item’s designated date and time is ridiculous, and goes against all logic as to having the automation trigger in the first place.

For example, I’m trying to have a notification go out to the item’s assignee at the date and time of an appointment field, in order to remind the person responsible for that appointment to update the status of the appointment. I should be able to choose the date and time of the appointment, and then how many minutes, hours, days etc after that date and time the notification is sent.

Come on This is simple logic.

hi @Curtis_F

Wouldn’t this custom automation work for you?

No because I want the notification to be at the time of the appointment.

you can change the “When” to same date and a predefined time. I’m afraid you can’t set it on the time specified at the Date column.


I know and that is a problem with the Monday automation in my opinion. Hence my original post.


You can combine the solution of Bas de Bruin
with 1 or 2 number columns - numbers as hours and minutes and create multiple automations “when date arrives” + “number is” and you will have the outcome

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Can you flesh this out how would that work?


Please check the example below:
I have one Dropdown column with the time and it indicates the starting time of the automation

And you should make an automation for each value of the dropdown

Ehhh… That wouldn’t work as the trigger would still be going out at 8am…