Graphql api Documentation doubt

mutation {
change_column_value (board_id: 20178755, item_id: 200819371, column_id: "status", value: "{\"index\": 1}") {
I have a small doubt, in the value json, what exactly is index. Is it the column name or some other property? I would really appreciate some explanation. Thank you.

Hey there @rohan again,

as you can see in the parameters of “change_column_value” you address a specific column of an item on a board.

In this case it’s a status column.
To change a column value through the API you enter following command.

value: "{\"index\": 1}"

"{\"index\": 1}" is a JSON formatted string, where “index” represents the color of the “status” column.

You could go to the API playground enter the same mutation, alter board_id, item_id etc.
and play around with the index.

Hope I could help you


Hello there,
So value: "{\"index\": 1}" is for column type of status, if I have a numbers column can I use this mutation.

mutation {
change_column_value (board_id: , item_id: , column_id: "numbers", value: "\"3\"") {

as mentioned in

Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

Hey @rohan,

Sorry for our delay in handling this! Thank you @TMNXT-Dev for assisting here!

Let me know if we can help with anything else :slight_smile: