Help running the scaffold command in my terminal

Hi dear Community!

I’m very new to I want to develop some boards in the future, but I’m stuck at the beginning. I saw that for an own App, I have to

“run the command scaffold in your command line”

After some searches, I found this forum topic.
So, for the command to be done, I have to have NodeJS and/or NPM on my Windows?
What else do I need for before start developing?
Sorry for my english.
Thank you for any help!


Hey Chris, sorry for the late response, your original message was inside another thread so we missed it.

Correct, you need to have NodeJS and npm installed on your machine before you can run the scaffold command.

In addition, I’d recommend checking out our example apps and testing a few of those out so you can understand how the apps framework and APIs work: Example apps

BTW, I’ve gone ahead and created a new topic for this question.

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