Hire a Specialist

Hi. We are a UK construction company and I would love to hire someone that is able to set up some boards for us. I realise the potential that Monday.com offers but lack the time to learn how to do the things I need in order to get complex boards set up, particularly linking boards together so the result of one feed into another. Would really appreciate some hired help. Ideally it would be good to meet with the specialist and talk through things face to face as I don’t really like video calling etc. We are based in Burton On Trent, postcode DE14
Feel free to email me directly on info@sigroundworks.co.uk

Many thanks

Hi @IanTaylor, @barak will be happy to help you with connecting you to one of our UK based consultants

Yes please. Ask them to contact me or let me have an email address and I will contact them directly
Thanks for your help