Hootsuite Integration

I would like to use the Hootsuite integration to schedule posts when created in a board, is anyone currently doing this, if yes would you mind sharing your advice as to the best way to set up the board and automations?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @DoraKing! Thanks for posting!

At the moment we don’t have a native integration with HootSuite. Were you looking to use Zapier’s integration?

What’s your main pain point with scheduling posts at the moment? I’d love to learn more so I can offer some suggestions here!

Hi, thank you for picking this up! I really like using a calendar view in Monday to plan my posts which I then schedule in hootsuite but I quite often change the schedule to add in a Adhoc social post, this is easy to do in Monday but crossing over to do the same in Hootsuite is a duplication of work and takes longer. I wish the two woud sync so if I move something in Monday it would link to hootsuite and move my scheduled posts around.