How do i Active monday code?

Hi there , I have read that monday-code comes by default in monday accounts, but I can’t see it in mine. I should see these options in the development center:

but I see these:

What should I do?

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@isrraelRios did you end up finding a solution to this?
I have the same issue.

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Hi @LB1 , In my case there is no solution, since I am using a test account and monday code is not available on them. If this is not your case, you can contact

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Thanks! I’m in the same situation at the moment.

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If you have a dev account, you need to first accept the terms:

In an integration feature, click “new build”

You’ll get a box with a “monday code” selection and then “get started” link.

Once you click “get started” you’ll get another box (which I can’t see anymore because… I’ve done this already) which presents the terms and conditions of monday code. You can then accept the terms, and once you do that, monday code will now be available.