How do I create a monday doc?

I tried the following and couldn’t create the doc with this response.

`mutation {
        create_doc (location: { board: {item_id:1234, column_id: "monday_doc" } } ) {
  error_code: 'InvalidColumnIdException',
  status_code: 200,
  error_message: "This column ID doesn't exist for the board",
  error_data: {
    column_id: 'monday_doc',
    board_id: null,
    error_reason: 'store.monday.automation.error.missing_column'

When I searched item and column with API in the workspaces I am working on, it failed to create a doc with any value.
What are the item_id and column_id needed to create the doc?

Hi @enterpleasure,

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Do you already have a monday doc column on your board?


What is a doc column?

What I want to do is create a doc in a certain doc folder on a certain board.

can’t you do this? Or can’t I create a doc in the doc folder but only on the board?

@enterpleasure thanks! The mutation you tried only allows you to create a document in a monday doc column on a board. We don’t currently have any mutations to create a doc in a folder or workspace.

Thanks. But what does mean monday doc column in UI? I don’t know what kind of document this is on the ui.

Hi @enterpleasure ,

when u click on the item,you can see the item id on the last of url.

and the column_id is
column_id: “monday_doc”

For further implementation details you can connect us:

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