How do I display a "full" currency in a numbers column?

I would like to display a numbers column in a full currency format ($23.00 rather than $23). Please help!

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The numbers column will display the ‘full currency’ for you unless it’s a whole number like your ‘23’. We can’t get the ‘00’ after the decimal, but if it’s not a whole number and is for example $23.15, then the full ‘$23.15’ will show.

The decimals will let you type whatever you like but will round for you to the nearest 3 places. If you really need the .00 to follow the 23, you will need to start looking at work-arounds and potentially using another column type. You can use a formula column to take the number column value and format it for example.

I’d love to better understand your use case and I’m happy to chat all things any time - give me a shout whenever you like :slight_smile:

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