How to calculate days between two dates

I have a demo date and a sign up date. I’m trying to do two things:
1 - calculate the time between the two dates
2 - somehow represent this visually in some sort of chart, battery or I don’t know so that we can see if we are getting people to sign up faster

Thanks in advance for any help/direction!

Hi Laurie,

Fortunately, that should be super simple in This will calculate the days between two dates:

    {Sign Up Date},
    {Demo Date}

Create a formula column using this formula and update the names in the curly braces to match your column names.

You can then use that formula to populate a chart. It sounds like a line chart would make sense in your case.

Set the X axis to be the sign up date and group by week or month, depending on what you want to track.

Set the Y axis to be the result of the formula column you created.

There are more ways to configure this if you need to do something particular like round the days up or down or calculate based on exact time or working days for instance. Hopefully this gets you started though.

Let me know if you need more help and feel free to reach out if you want some assistance getting this all configured.