How To Change Subitem Status Column from Integration?

In one of our apps I’ve been trying to build an integration that would update the status of an (sub)item on a custom trigger. This is easy for normal items, but not subitems.

For normal items you have a couple ways to do this:

  • Use the pre-build action “change status”
  • Create custom action with the recipe sentence input fields “Status Column” and “Status Column Value”

These two options however don’t seem to account for subitems. I’ve created a custom “Subitem Status Column” field type that returns a columnId, however any column field other than “Status Column” is not usable with the “Status Column Value” field (I get a blank screen, screenshots). Even if you select the generic “Column” input field type with a constraint of allowed column types “Status” it is not possible. I assume the reason for this is that “Status Column Value” has a dependency on “Status Column”.

So the only way I can see how to implement this if I also create another custom field type “Subitem Status Column Value” that would load the “Subitem Status Column” values (with a dependency on that column). This however is not UX friendly since it seems that the List type only supports text based return types, not colors?

Could someone please enlighten me if I’m missing something or show me ways to implement this??