How to fixed item list order in connect board

How to make the order of list items in the connect board column (board 2) fixed, not changing according to the original board (board 1)

Because I’m having problem the order of my list items is not in order according to the order of items on the source board (board 1)

Hi @2021aman ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

If you are referring to this list of items when connecting items in The Connect Boards Column, then it is only possible to rearrange the order by manually moving the items within the original board. Sorting the items via a column sort will not rearrange them:

Is this what you were referring to? Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


Hi @jennap thanks to respond my question.

Thank you for answering my question. But the problem is not in how to sort the items. The problem is that the order of items on the original board (A) is correct and is based on the order I set. like the picture below:

original board

But the item list order on the connected board (B) is different from the order on the original board (A). The item list order on connected board B changes when I edit the items on the original board (A).

a fixed order of items is very important to our work. How do I keep the order from changing on the connected board (B) when I edit or update a number of items on the original board (A) ???

I have tried various ways, such as custom sort, auto number, following the update pattern so that the items on board B can be sorted according to board A. But all of them failed.

Please help me…