How to get auth token from client app

I’m trying to follow the method here: [Released] File upload via Monday's SDK client side - #3 by pepperaddict
in order to make a file upload from the client side. However I can’t figure out how to get the auth token (in order to make requests to within my client side app. I don’t want to put my users through an oauth process (plus I don’t even have a server) and I can’t pull it from a previous request because everything happens via intermessage communication with the iframe. Any help with figuring this out?


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Hey Jake! You cannot get the token directly from the client side – we handle it for you when you use the SDK.

If you want to get a user’s token to upload files, I’m afraid you’ll need to send them through an OAuth process or ask them to supply their API key. You’ll also need to store the keys in a secure manner.

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