How to get the latest Replies

Hi guys,

I just wanted to ask on how to get the latest replies the same way on how we get the updates.
When I reply to the update, the reply is not showing.

updates(limit: 15) {
replies {
creator {

Hey CJ,

Dipro here! You should be able to get the replies to an update using the query you’ve included above. Here’s an example:

Is that not working for you?


Hi Dipro,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I know that. But what I am trying to achieve is get the latest update that has the latest reply.

To give you an example is when you reply to a certain update, that update will not go first in the query but instead nothing happens. The query {items()} will sort updates based on creation/modification time of the item and the query wont care if that certain item has a latest reply or not.

Oh! Thanks for clarifying @cjspinner :+1: Sorry for the late response.

I will pass this along to our team as a request for future functionality! I can’t give you an ETA on when this will be released, but I will give it to the relevant internal teams for consideration. Appreciate you walking me through that!