I need help numbering my items (e.g. consumable orders)

Hi Community - hoping you can help me out.

I have boards that we use for our purchasing, and contracts etc - each board needs to have its own number, preferably with a prefix - the key criteria is that this number must be unique and must always be associated with that item, wherever it is on the board.

Solutions I have already tried and failed are:

Auto Number - doesnt work, because if an item gets shifted or deleted, it changes all the numbers on all the items

Using the Item ID, and or a forumla to add a prefix to the Item Number - this works great, except you cannot search using this number, making it useless!

Manual numbering - this is flawed, because people often type in the number wrong, but as it can be copied and searched for is the only solution that we can currently use.

I would love it if someone has come up with a better idea for this :slight_smile:

hi @AlexStuthridge

The answer to all of the above is in a little app called AutoID Column (see https://monday.com/marketplace/17)