I require a formula to count the days of an open project and to show the days a project took once closed

Hi everyone.

Im hoping someone can help with this.

I’m trying to create a board that calculates the cost of business lending from private investors for both active loans and loans that have been paid back

In order to do so, I require a formula column that counts the numbers of days that a loan has been active (counting the number of days between today and a date in a “Loaned Date” column) and then when a date is entered into a “Paid Back Date” column, I need the formula to calculate the number of days between the “loaned Date” and the “Paid BackDate”.

Maybe worth mentioning… some of the loans I am adding this board are past dates, so need the formula to calculate past “loaned Date” and “Paid Back Date” entries.

Hi @CraigBarnes - something like this should do the trick:

ROUND(IF({Date Paid Back}<>“”,DAYS({Date Paid Back},{Loaned Date}),DAYS(TODAY(),{Loaned Date})),0)


Thank you for your quick response. I’ve tried this formula and it does not work.

@CraigBarnes If you just did a straight copy/paste it may not have worked properly. Try copying the below instead.

ROUND(IF({Date Paid Back}<>"",DAYS({Date Paid Back},{Loaned Date}),DAYS(TODAY(),{Loaned Date})),0)


Hi Mark,

Thank you again, but this formula still does not work.

Are you able to take a screenshot of your formula as this works as expected in my environment.

Yes of course.

It looks right. I copied and pasted it back into my environment and it works exactly as expected. All I can offer at this point is for you to just type it in as possibly some hidden formatting is coming through?

Mark, Im sorry buddy… I typed it in and all works great. I should have done that in the first place.

Thank you so much… I was tearing my hair out trying to get this to work.

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Glad to hear! Not sure why the copy/paste wasnt working for you?

Love this!

Nice one @mark.anley :slight_smile:

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