"If" statement for returning value when column is between 2 numbers

Is there a way to write an (If) statement looking for a value between numbers, such as

IF (X > 3 But < 4), “Meets 50% or More”

I want to create a formula that will provide certain status’ depending on certain values.
If value is > 4, “Meets Expectations”
If value is > 3 & < 4, “Meets 50% or More”
If value is < 3, “Did Not Meet Expectations”
If value is blank, “No Data”

Is this possible?

Hey @jgore - the following statement should work for you assuming the {Value} column is a number column and not text.

IF({Value}*1=0,"No Data",IF({Value}>4,"Meets Expectations",IF({Value}>3,"Meets 50% or More",IF({Value}<=3,"Did not Meet Expectations",""))))

Hope this helps!

Awesome, thank you very much!