Indication in side board list that something has changed since your last view


A lot of us who are used to Slack are really missing an indication in the left side list of boards that something has changed on a board since our last viewing.

Having the board title go bold (or some other indication when there’s a new change since you haven’t seen yet) in the left side bar would be so great I think for people coming to Monday who are (like us) overwhelmed by the notifications, inbox, my week, etc. It would make it easier to feel grounded and in control knowing you can scan the board list and click into any boards that are bold to see what changed and catch any updates.

Maybe in practice this would be bad because boards that you don’t regularly monitor would always be bold. So I wonder if it would just be boards that you subscribe to or favorite boards or some other filter to prevent everything being bold all the time.

Thanks for considering this!!