Initial templates of monday Boards-view for quick-start

Hi my lovely community :raised_back_of_hand:

There anybody know if Is it possible to get for example:

  • to get the code of the map board view or an initial template of the map to build my idea on it?

Instead of messing with the implementation of the functionality of the whole Board View base, it would be wonderful if there would be the possibility to focus with the main goal to develop a real solutions.

If anyone’s have any resources or references please share with us:pray:

Hey there @RonFybish :wave:

To be transparent with you, I don’t think this is something we are able to provide, although I can definitely see how that could really speed up the work you are doing. I’ll raise the question with our development team and then get back to you in this thread with a conclusive answer as soon as I have one :slight_smile: I hope that works for you.


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Thank you very much @AlexSavchuk appreciate it :pray: