Integration with Telegram [TelegramBot For Board ] APP

A new app arrived in the marketplace, called TelegramBot For Board

It is a fast and effective way to send reminders and upload media to the board as item from all smart devices and computers, by taking advantage of the Telegram platform, which works on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and web devices.

The TelegramBot application offers a lot of great features such as:

  • Provide a bot for the board that you can publish with your clients to receive reminders on the board as item and respond to them
  • Supports uploading photos, videos and documents to the board from all bot users
  • Supports displaying the name of the user who posted the reminders
  • Easy to respond to alerts from the dashboard

Provide a mode for the administrator who can follow the dashboard so that it stays up-to-date

  • The administrator can see all bot users
  • Supports the customization of notification templates for the administrator

This service can be used for many things, for example

  1. Publish the board to your customers and receive feedback from them directly on the board and respond to them
  2. Use it as a dashboard to enter data by taking advantage of the ability to send data and media from all devices using Telegram
  3. Publish the board among team members so that they can easily add tasks at any time and be able to respond to them
  4. Use it to stay up-to-date with what’s new on the board
  5. and more

We have a limited free plan that you can use to try all of this great stuff for free

You only need to have a Telegram account to build your own bot in seconds and link it to the board through our program. Watch the video to watch the installation process

How to Use Telegram Bot for Board in - YouTube

You can install the app through the Marketplace

Please send us any feedback or ideas, we would love to hear them